Educational DVD’s

Content Rich & Practical DVD’s To Help Improve Your Program Design

The primary goal of our DVD’s is to give you simple to follow steps to implement some of the latest strategies in training, into your programs immediately.


Monster bands are one of the versatile pieces of equipment used by trainers today.  And for good reason.  They have an incredible range of benefits and can be used for a vast array of goals.  Learn how you can create entire workouts using one tool to help improve mobility, core stability, strength, and much more.




Complexes are some of the most effective workouts that are not being used by most trainers.  Boost your metabolism, burn tons of fat, and increase endurance without sacrificing strength or muscle size.  Complexes might become your new best friend.  There are over 50 done for you examples in this DVD.


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The shoulder is one of the most complicated joints of the body and with it comes dysfunction for most people.  Learn simple strategies you can implement to assess and improve shoulder function.